1. Spirit Bear
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I want to lose myself
There are too many people out in the woods
The parasite is everywhere
Tearing up the trails that I once took
Aren’t you tired of hearing about the way things are
That shouldn’t be
Well it doesn’t have to be
Take your meditation medicine

You’ve got everything you need
Now you don’t know what to wish for
The shadows of your greed
Still there must be something missing cause…
You’ve taken away my home
I’ve got nowhere left to roam
The nights they feel so alone
In your clearcuts of wreckage and stone

I’m walking through a beauty strip
Thinking about the powers…
the powers that bleed
A Bilderberg apprenticeship
Teaches you to take till the taking feels…
Like you’ve got any right to tear up the river
and shoot at my wife
I’m not welcome in the town where you make
all the rules and when they start shooting, they’re
shooting at you…

Genocide against my Indigenous friends
And then against the buffalo
Genocide against the trees that stand
and you still can’t forgive, you still can’t forgive yourselves